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Louisiana LG900 Pellet Grill


Louisiana LG900 Pellet Grill

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One of the biggest advantages of the Louisiana LG Wood-Fired Pellet BBQ is the large burn grate which easily lifts out to knock out the ash. Coupled with the larger diameter, shorter auger make the Louisiana the obvious choice when it comes to versatility.

Designed from the ground up to Smoke, Roast, Bake and High Temp Grill.


Other advantages over comparable Pellet Smokers currently imported into Australia:


• Larger diameter, shorter auger which eliminates Blockages.

• High temp direct / indirect grill Set-Up in seconds with Flame Broiler.

• largest cooking capacity CM2 In its class.

• Easy-to-use digital control with programmable meat probe.

• Easy-to-clean Enamel coated Cast iron grills.

• Large removable porcelain coated upper rack.

• Smoke, Roast, Bake, Braise & High Temp Grill.

• 180 - 600 Deg F (82 - 315 Deg C) Temp Range.

• 5 Degree increments temperature control.

• Easy-to-clean Enamel coated Cast iron grills.

• Quality, ridged construction.

• Solid bottom shelf for stability.

• Addition of the Cold Smoke Cabinet

• Addition of the Hopper Extension which doubles pellet storage.

• Better Designed, Better Built and Better Cooking

• World Class BBQ in own Backyard

• Factory built 240V and compliant for Australian electrical & safety standards.

• Underneath of the hopper box filled in, no mesh with exposed wiring like other brands.

• Very price competitive compared to other brands in its class.


• With the better build quality, much larger burn grate, larger diameter, shorter auger and the design to high temp grill, make the Louisiana the obvious choice when it comes to cooking versatility.


The most gentle place to cook Low & Slow is on the top shelf, which makes the LG900 the ideal size BBQ.

** Pictures shown with and without additional optional Side Smoke Cabinet and Hopper Extension.

$1799 without these options.





A single 9.07 kg Bag of BBQr’s Delight Hickory Pellets (which we also stock at Aussie BBQs & Fireplaces), cooking at 225F / 107C will last you between 12 – 14 hours, maybe 15 hours of cooking and for high temp grilling a few steaks you will only use around 2-3 handfuls of pellet